Plans and features

A TheirCare subscription ($11.99/month) includes the following features:

  • Text, photo, and video messages: Send messages from a phone, tablet, or computer. Take new photos and videos or attach existing ones.

  • Video calling: Enjoy the benefits of FaceTime or Hangouts without any of the hassle. (Note that Video Calling requires a webcam to be connected to the TV, and the caller must be using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.)

  • Up to three connected TVs: Easily connect TVs in different rooms.

  • Message delivery to a fallback cell phone: If the TV isn’t on, opt to send certain messages to a cell phone instead.

  • TV viewing activity: Check whether a Care Recipient is watching TV and see historical patterns.

  • Two Care Recipients: Manage up to two friends or loved ones.

  • Five Support Partners per Care Recipient: Invite other family members or friends to send messages.