Sending messages via SMS/MMS

In addition to the TheirCare web app, you can send using plain old text messaging. TheirCare gives you a special phone number to text, and any messages you send to that number will be delivered to the TV.

You’ll need to make sure that your phone is associated with your TheirCare account and verified before you can use this feature. Visit the account settings page to manage your connected phones.

  1. Find the phone number by navigating to the Care Recipient’s support network page. Click on the edit button next to your name, and note the personal phone number in that dialog.

    Note that the personal phone number is specific to you. If someone else texts it, the message won’t be delivered.

  2. Compose a text message as you normally would. You can even include photos and videos! (Video quality over MMS isn’t stellar, though, so keep the videos short.)

  3. If the Care Recipient responds to the message, the response will be delivered to you as a text message from that same number.