Connecting an Android TV device to TheirCare

Before you begin, set up the device and connect it to your Wi-Fi network. Make sure that you sign into Google with the Care Recipient’s Google account or create an account specifically for that device. If you need help, check out the Android TV support website.

  1. On the device, open the Google Play Store and use the voice remote or the onscreen keyboard to search for TheirCare. Once you’ve located TheirCare, press Get to install the app.

  2. After the download has finished, open the TheirCare app. The app will show an 8-digit code. (You can close the app at any time if you’re unable to continue setup. You’ll receive a new code each time you open the app.)

  3. In the TheirCare web app, navigate to the Care Recipient’s devices page and click the new device button. Choose the Android TV option, enter the 8-digit code, and click Activate.

  4. As soon as the device is set up, the code will disappear and the device will be ready to receive messages. Press Return to TV or the home button on the remote to exit the app.